Located in the Far South Coast of New South Wales, Dalmeny, we provide ready mixed concrete, round stone, crushed rock, sand and other raw materials which can be picked up from the plant or delivered.
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We are a COVID-19 Safe Workplace. We have put in place some measures to help protect the heath and safety of our customers and staff. Please adhere to the 1.5 metre physical distancing rule. Face masks are encouraged when visiting the site. Thank you for your patience and understanding in these difficult times.  Let's stay safe!



Ready mixed concrete delivered to your door! Available in the following strengths: 15mpa, 20mpa, 25mpa, 32mpa, 40mpa, 50mpa. 

Other products also include:

Blockfill, Polished, Normal Exposed, Kerb and Gutter mix,  Pool Mix, White Exposed and Stabilized sand.

Coarse Washed Sand
Course Washed Sand

We can supply course washed sand, also known as river sand.

Used for construction, drainage, landscaping and decorative.

Fine Sand
Fine Sand

We can supply fine unwashed sand, also known as Brickie sand.

Used for construction, under paving and concrete, and  landscaping.

Crushed Aggregates
Crushed Aggregates

We can supply crushed aggregates in the following sizes: 20mm,  10mm, 7mm. 

Also available in a 20-7mm blend.

Used for construction, drainage, landscaping and decorative.

White Stone
White Stone

We can supply white stone. 

Used for landscaping and decorative, great around pools, water features and in garden beds and pathways.

Round Stone
Round Stone

We can supply round stone in the following sizes: 20-100mm, 100-75mm, 75-40mm, 40-20mm, 20-14mm, 10-7mm, 7-5mm and oversize. 

Used for construction, landscaping and decorative.


We can supply Roadbase.

Used for construction, compacting, for driveways, paths and under concrete slabs.


We can supply Pre-mix.

Just add water!

Used for construction, compacting, for driveways, paths and under slabs.

Crusher Dust
Crusher Dust

We can supply Crusher Dust.

Used for construction, compacting, for driveways, paths and under concrete slabs.

Concrete Plant


Cadgee Concrete can provide truck hire services via an affiliated entity called Mac Haulage Pty Ltd.

We have a Western Star and a Mack Truck (Truck and Dog Combo) for all your raw material haulage needs. 

Please phone Steve Lavis for a quote on any Haulage requirements. 

Mac Haulage Truck Hire



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Plant Address: 15 Acacia Close

Dalmeny, NSW 2546

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 

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Tel: 02 4476 7505

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Mobile: 0407 378 176

For accounts queries please email or call on 0409 779 293, Mon - Wed 9.30am - 2.30pm

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Cadgee Enterprises Pty Ltd is a locally owned and managed family business which was established in 1980. Trading as Cadgee Quarry Concrete, we have a concrete plant located in Dalmeny and a quarry located west of Bodalla, NSW. We employee friendly and reliable locals to service the Eurobodalla area with all of your concrete and construction needs. 

For any queries in relation to our products and for pricing information and quotes please call Steve Lavis on 0407 378 176 or Ray Ohlsen (Plant Manager) on 02 4476 7505 and we will be happy to help.


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